15 Dogs You’d Like To Have A Beer With

15 Dogs You’d Like To Have A Beer With

One of the best and most relaxing things in the world is being able to sit down, chill out, and have a drink with your best bud. And by best bud, of course, we mean a super chill pooch that will be supportive of your beer habit and patient enough to let you gnaw their ear off, as you share a beer at your local pub. Below, 15 dogs that we’re seriously wanting to having a beer with right now.

1. As long as he wears these shades while we’re drinking a Bud, we’re down.


2. This pooch is just too cool for us. Can we please be friends?


3. After a night of drinking beers with this pooch, we want him to drive the getaway car. Drink responsibly.


4. This dog gets the drill—-he’s hungover but ready for more…and we respect a dog who rolls like that.


5. The newest “Most Interesting Pooch in the World.”


6. Dude—-sick “Weekend at Bernie’s” impersonation. Quick, hold my beer.


7. Okay, fine. You can choose the bar.


8. “I would really prefer a cocktail bar on this lovely evening, but a dive bar shall have to do.”


9. “Just want a Belgian wheat ale to match my coat, and I’m good.”


10. DDD- Designated Doggie Driver


11. “It’s totally manly to carry me in your purse while we’re out grabbing a beer…”


12. We want to cry and talk about our breakup with this pooch over a beer.


13. “So you’re saying I can have all the beer I want without having to open a tab? Please tell me more.”


14. “Where the beer at? I can’t keep relaxing on the couch like this.”


15. “Stay thirsty, my friends.”


Disclaimer: Beer is bad for dogs and should not be given to them. Don’t be an idiot. However, there are dog-friendly beers available if you’re that desperate to not drink alone.

Featured image via @dogsandbrew