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1. “No Mamz, I haven’t seen Freddy at all.”
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2. “Why do I continually allow you to talk me into this seating arrangement?”
3. Buddy and his brother had a little argument earlier. It escalated quickly.
4. “Todd, this isn’t as much fun as you said it would be…”
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5. “Dude, this can’t be the only place where you can chew your bone.”
6. “No time to explain, get on the dog.”
7. “I told you Max, if you kept singing ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ I was going to sit on your head.”
8. “Just a few more minutes, then we can switch places. I promise this time.”
9. “Oh, hey…you’re home early.”
10. Folks, Golden on Golden butt-sitting violence must be stopped. Won’t you help?
11. “UNCLE!!!”
12. “I’m not getting off you until you stick that tongue back in your mouth!”
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13. “Nope, Kevin doesn’t know what happened to the treats, either.”
14. “Um, you aren’t Snapchatting this, are you?”
15. “Oh, oh! This part of ‘Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark’ always keeps me on the edge of my seat!”
16. “Hey bro, you sleeping here? Because now I am too.”
17. “Ok, I know this looks bad, but in my defense, he made fun of me and called me a little husky.”
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18. “To be perfectly honest, I just wanted to sit on his head.”
19. “Dude, I swear if you fart right now I am going to ruff you up.”
20. “Don’t worry Mamz, I’ll get Toby to stop snoring.”
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20 Jerk Dogs Who Enjoy Treating Their Siblings Like Lounge Furniture

Let’s face it, sometimes our pups are hilarious and pawsome jerks.  One of the best examples of this behavior is engaging in the act of sitting on other dogs.  According to an article on eHow, “Sometimes dogs sit on each other during wrestling games. Dogs may also sit on other dogs to assert dominance when the two dogs are not actively playing together.”

Whatever the reasons may be, we love to document our dogs going fanny to face on another pup.  Now, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled 20 of the best photos of dogs sitting on other dogs.  Enjoy!