5 Dramatic Dogs Who Should Have Won “Best Actor”

5 Dramatic Dogs Who Should Have Won “Best Actor”

This Sunday’s Oscars features nominations for all of Hollywood’s biggest stars: Leonardo Dicaprio, Cate Blanchett, Bryan Cranston. But you know who wasn’t nominated? This wiener dog. Snubbed. Or how about this Pit Bull? Robbed. Below, five more dogs deserving of an Academy Award for their “acting.”

1. This dog with mean kung-fu chops

This dog not only wasn’t nominated, he wasn’t even considered. His performance in this low budget karate flick called Fist of Furry was a cult classic and deemed by The Hollywood Reporter as “the best acting we’ve ever seen in our entire lives.” (Note: Might not be true.) Thankfully, Fist of Furry is still a favorite of those who appreciate talent.

2. This Husky who tugs on our heart strings

Have you seen a performance more heart crushing than this? Forget Charlize Theron in Monster or Roberto Benigni in Life Is Beautiful. This is true emoting. Where’s his Oscar, huh?? Instead, he’s probably at McDognalds right now flipping burgers when he should be the biggest actor of our time. Tragic.

3. This dog with the most dramatic death scene ever

Forget Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. Now this is a dramatic death scene. We dare you to watch it and not immediately curl into a fetal position while sobbing and rocking yourself back and forth. It’s not possible.

4. This dog with the best fake out death ever

You know how we said the #3 dog has the best death scene ever? We lied. This dog has the best death scene ever. And has he ever been nominated? No. It’s honestly robbery.

5. This Pittie who mastered the dramatic pause

But our absolute favorite performance? This Pittie who has perfected the dramatic pause. Move over, William Shatner. This dog is crapping all over your talent. Where’s her lifetime achievement award or his campaign with Priceline? #OscarsSoHuman