16 Gorgeous Dogs Who May Have Inspired MAC’s Stunning New Makeup Line

16 Gorgeous Dogs Who May Have Inspired MAC’s Stunning New Makeup Line

Feeling like your look isn’t up to sniff snuff, lately? Check out these natural beauties, and you just may be inspired to try a new make-pup routine.

1. Them lashes are grrrrrgeous, girl! Are you wearing muttscara?

2. This sedogtress knows how to rock a cat eye.

3. Mm, crushing the ombre hair thang.

4. Big bushy brows are so on trend righ’ na’. You look like a young, furry Brooke Shields.

5. She’s only halfway done blending her contouring and she already looks better than I ever will.

6. Lipliner game is strong, hunty!

7. That eyeliner really brings out her eye color…s.

8. “They say my lip gloss is popping. My lip gloss is cool. All the boys keep jocking. They chase me after obedience school.”

9. Eyebrows on fleek, babe. Eyebrows. On. Fleek.

10. Perfectly, glamorously, naturally tan. And girl, that bod? Baby got waist!

11. “Yes… they’re real.

12. Yas, Kween! Channeling Cleopatra with your au natural Ancient Egyptian look.

13. That lip shade is fierce, betch.

14. This Baberham Lincoln looks like a California girl, but she’s an au natural Afghan.

15. How do you get your smokey eye so perfect!? No wonder you’re always pulling tail.

16. The lips. The eyes. The tan. Ughhhh WE GET IT, YOU’RE PERFECT.

These may be some mega-barkin’ babes, but sometimes it’s best to leave it to the pawfessionals. Luckily, make-up powerhouse MAC Cosmetics has come out with a Haute Dogs Collection! That’s right, boys and squirrels, a make-pup line inspired by our beloved, four-legged, fart monsters.


GENIUS! The colors are inspired by our canine’s gorgeous earthy coats, with pops of color paying homage those oh-so smoochable puppy lips. The makeup has names like, Labradorable and Very Important Poodle. Ugh, I die. Do you die? I DIE. The collection is available for only a limited amount of time starting August 20th. So, what are you waiting for!? Go shopping so you can look like the baddest b*tch on the block! 😉

Go on with your bark selves! Just remember you’re all FABULOUS.


H/t to Style Caster
Featured image via M.A.C. Cosmetics