15 Dogs Who Can’t Wait For The Madness To Begin

15 Dogs Who Can’t Wait For The Madness To Begin

March Madness is here! You’ve waited all year for it and now it’s finally here! With no concept of time these dogs are delighted that it’s back again so soon. Whether you’re a Tar Heels fan or a die hard Wildcats supporter, everybody is primed and ready with their brackets this weekend.

But if you think YOU’RE excited for March Madness, think again. These dogs’ excitement goes to 15.


1.”Suited up and ready to go! Just put me in the game coach! Gimme a chance! C’mon coach I swear the arms are real!”

pug basketball

2. “I love the game so much I just wanna eat it! Must. Get Whole. Ball. In. Mouth.”

Dog basketball

3. “Yau meam rike viff???”


4. Straight up BALLER.


5. “You think I’m a Jayhawks fan? What gave it away? Was it the bandana?”

jayhawks fan

6. “A 2 pointer in dog is 14 points!”


7. I’ve got a fever. And it calls for more Michigan State Basketball. Seriously, I’m really hot right now. If I could sweat I would be sweating buckets right now. Pure SPARTAN sweat.

chow chow


Source: @bellateacupyorkie

9. “Good Evening. I’m Boxer McBoxerton here with your Bark-uweather forecast letting you know it’s gonna HURRICANE!!”

Hurricanes Dog

10. SLAM DUNK!!!!! Move over Sheldon McClellan! Who runs the court now? <Paw pump> Woof! Woof! Woof!

Jake playing basketball

Here's our little guy Jake, hero #2699 for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – Morris Animal Foundation, playing some basketball. Maybe he has a future in the NBA…

Posted by GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness on Monday, September 21, 2015

11. “I’m BUGGING OUT for Baylor!! Go Bears GRRRRRRRRRUFF!”

Baylor Pug

12. “Where’s the court? Where’s the court? Where’s the court? I got the ball! Where’s the court? Where’s the court? Where’s the court? Where’s the court?”

Lady dog is up for adoption!

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13. “We may look calm and collected, but inside we are LOSING OUR FREAKING MINDS!!!! BLUE DEVILS! BLUE DEVILS! BLUE DEVILS!! Be cool Buttons, be cool.”

Blue Devil Dogs



15. “Can I’s still play if I didn’t get into a college schools?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.45.42 PM

Happy Bracket-ing, everyone!

Featured image via Kevin and Amanda