"Look, did you read my Christmas list or what?"
Tinsel boa in hair, don't care.
Meet Rudolph's doppelganger.
Not all presents are wrapped in a bow. Some are wearing a fluffy, fairy headband instead.
Go Christmas, Go!
Being this good-looking can be exhausting.
Just ask this guy.
No, you're not seeing double. There are actually two dogs this cute.
Even naughty can look nice (especially with the right accessories).
What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe.
All dressed up, no place to go. The perfect night.
We weren't ready to be done with the cuteness, and luckily we found even more of it on Gáti's Facebook page. Here's a photo of some pooped pups he snapped in 2013.
And this one from 2014!
For our sake, Mr. Gati, keep the howliday pics comin'!
Here's hoping we see a lot more in 2016 from this talented guy

...and his many pup pals!

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These Dogs Posing For Their Christmas Portraits Will Make Even The Grinchiest of Grinches Smile

For most of us, wishing someone a happy holiday entails sending a quick text or an awkward Christmas card.

Note that only the pug is looking to camera.

Please note that only the pug is looking to camera.

But when you’re pet photographer, Oszkar Daniel Gati, that just won’t do. So instead, you assemble a holiday-themed, dog- filled, photo shoot that’s sure to knock the Christmas socks right off everyone’s feet!

Seriously, you might lose your socks (and your sanity) after looking at this cute collection. Seriously, you might lose your socks (along with your sanity) after clicking through this furry, merry series.

For more of Daniel’s incredible work, check out his website, Facebook page and Instagram account!

Featured image via Oszkár Dániel Gáti Photography Facebook
H/t via Bored Panda