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1. This blur of a pup can't even.
2. Clearly, the squirrel outside is way more interesting for this dog than taking a photo with this hooman.
3. "Everything okay, Mum? you've been in here for a couple- ...oh."
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4. This dog has a very busy schedule filled with sitting today. He can't be bothered with something so trivial as taking a photo.
5. "Are you STILL choosing an Instagram filter??"
6. This pup is just so deeply disappointed.
7. This pup isn't sure which is worse: the tight squeezing or the fact that they're driving 85mph down the highway.
8. "No, I cannot muster even the slightest fake grin for your 238th selfie."
10. "....I know what you're doing."
11. This pup doesn't know how to do duck face.
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12. This guy is being judged SO HARD right now by his dog. SO hard.
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13. "Nnnnnnope!"
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14. "Dafuq? Don't you have better things to do with your time?"
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15. And the Selfie Sabotage award goes to...
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15 Dogs Who Don’t Care About Your Dumb Selfie

It’s a really exciting time to be alive! We live in a world where some dogs are more famous than most people, and nifty little inventions like this…
…make it easy for you to grab the perfect selfie with the most important pup in your life. Not every dog has an affinity for the camera, though. Here’s 15 dogs who don’t give a pup about your damn selfie.