14 Stylish Pups Explain New York Fashion Week For The Rest Of Us

14 Stylish Pups Explain New York Fashion Week For The Rest Of Us

Alaskan Malamute, Cuban Havanese, Portuguese Water Dog and more… there may not be an obvious connection, but oh, believe us, there’s a common thread that ties us together: New York Fashion Week. Think about it: dogs are so committed to fashion, we literally come into this world already wearing a coat. Sure, we sport an almost perpetual nip slip, but even that’s become a trend that we started (no matter what Janet Jackson or Miley Cyrus say).

We know it can all be quite ruff to figure out, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help humans understand what it really takes to rock New York Fashion Week.

1. We don’t care what Queen Bey says; no one “woke up like this.” Beauty is pain, and don’t you forget it.
MakeUp For Fashion Week

2. Even the most fabulous among us needs prepping. Get your nails done, take an extra long walk, or if you have the time, maybe even indulge in an afternoon at the spa.
Spa Dog For Fashion Week

3. Picking the right outfit is crucial. Fashion Week is all about blending trendy pieces with classic staples. While that hat may be a fashion faux-paw next season, a sultry smize never goes out of style.

4. Don’t trust the photographers to get your good side. No one knows your angles like you. Remember, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it’s that there’s no such thing as too many selfies… ever.

5. Mixing patterns is a pretty risky move. Generally speaking, only the fashion industry elite can really pull it off. So, if you haven’t tried it before, this is not the week to experiment. Moving on…

6. It’s Fashion Week, not Halloween. Don’t try to ham it up. Trust us, this is not the time to whip out the craziest thing in your closet.

7. …but don’t be boring. Maybe this look would pass for happy hour with Don Draper at Sterling Cooper & Partners, but the Bark Jacobs after party? Not a chance.

8. This is Buddy. Buddy had… one too many cosmos at Fashion Week last year. Buddy now sits in the back row at C-list shows and has been blacklisted from any event actually worth attending. Don’t be like Buddy.

9. This should go without saying but… unless it’s your own, faux only.
Fur For Fashion Week

10. On Wednesdays, we wear what we puppin’ please. Whether it’s pink, bows or sparkles. Don’t let Regina George tell you what do. After all, she said we couldn’t make fetch happen and look how that turned out.
Princess For Fashion Week

11. During Fashion Week, your body is a temple and this is your bible.
Dog Vogue For Fashion Week

12. You can never go wrong with a LBD (Little Black Dog).
Dog Glasses For Fashion Week

13. While head to tail branding is usually a no no, Coco Chewnel always looks super no matter how much you wear.

14. Finally, it’s called a runway, not a catwalk. Whomever named it after a cat clearly never had a dog show them how it’s really done.
Dog Runway Fashion Week

Featured image via @arajo_sophia