15 Dogs Getting Fired From Their Office Jobs

15 Dogs Getting Fired From Their Office Jobs

Times are tough, and the economy is ruff. These doggos have entered the workforce, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out. The hours are long and the treats are few. Perhaps, pups are meant to live a life of luxury sleeping on the couch and running around at the dog park. Either way, these pups didn’t make the cut at their day jobs.

1. Look Mitchell, you’ve grown to your fullest potential here, and it’s time to take those folds elsewhere and move on.

2. You’ve got a great head on your shoulders, Travis, but unfortunately we have to start downsizing.

3. We know it was you who pooped on the floor, Kevin.

4. You just don’t seem to get our “work hard, play hard” mantra, Karen. You only ever play …you only ever play.

5. Listen Garret, you’re a good guy, but it’s against company policy to nip your coworkers. Even if they’re idiots.

6. Get up. Randall. Come on, please don’t make a scene.

7. It’s about boundaries, Keith. Boundaries.

8.Frankly, Evelyn, we were all a little embarrassed by your behavior at the Holiday party. You owe that intern an apology.

9. You do great work, Ralph, but your treat addiction is getting out of hand.

10.Gordon, you really need to think twice before you send an e-mail like that.

11. Dominick… we know you’ve been skimming off the top.

12. You’re in over your head, Lisa. It’s not working out.

13. Come on, Troy. We let you go three weeks ago.

14. You stroll in here 2 hours late every morning like you own the place, Tobey!

15. We’ve given you a lot of chances, Arthur, but you’ve had to talk to HR about your leg humping too many times.

It looks like maybe the humans should go to work and bring their furry puppers along for a nice, long office nap. Because let’s be real, there are balls to be fetched, bones to be chewed, and tails to be chased. That’s the true job of a pup.

Featured image via @norbertthedog/Instagram