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"The day dad donned a bunny suit and wouldn't stop hugging us" is a frequent talking point at these dogs' therapy sessions.
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Despite the traumatic experience, this dog is determined to fight it with dignity.
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If you look directly into this dog's eyes, you can see his faith in humanity slowly shattering.
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These dogs used to love a good hay ride, until one day a bunny on steroids decided to get a little too handsy.
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This dog can no longer meet dapper gents in glasses without having a traumatic flashback to this experience.
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Do you know what it's like to be embraced by evil? This dog does.
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This dog is thinking about how his personal belief that all people are fundamentally good has been a lie.
This is the same Easter Bunny from #5. How many dogs' lives must you ruin, bunny!
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Did you know that before the Easter Bunny there was the Easter Dog? They were dark times. Dark times, indeed.
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The day dad skinned a bunny and wore its skin, a memory this dog will never forget.
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Not even a pretty dress can hide the fact that this dog will now write a strongly worded memoir about this experience.
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These dogs think they're OK meeting the Easter Bunny, but really they're just suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
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This Pittie has seen some things. Some terrible, fluffy, bunny-shaped things.
Ahh, nothing like being cradled by the very entity of evil.
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This dog will later recant to his therapist how powerless he felt in the clutch of his arch nemesis.
Predators like to sniff the hair of their victims, a traumatic experience this dog will never forget.
This dog was an excellent sport, posing with the bunny as if he wasn't paralyzed with fear. Cynical commentary aside, we genuinely love this picture.
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A gorgeous picture to live on in photo albums, and an experience to live on in this dog's night terrors.
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When you're so traumatized you simply freeze and let your mind go to a happy place.
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But this dog? This dog loves the bunny! This dog also happens to be evil AF.
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21 Dogs Who Met The Easter Bunny And Now Can’t Stop Having Nightmares About It

The next time you drag your dog to the mall to get a cheesy picture taken of them meeting the Easter Bunny, remember this: The therapy sessions your dog will need afterwards are not cheap.

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