5 Reasons Your Dog Needs To Get Their Own Takeout

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs To Get Their Own Takeout

With all your hard work you deserve to #treatyoself. And by that I mean enjoy an evening of ordering take-out and binge-watching 30 Rock. But you also have a dog, which means that your take-out is bound to come with an order of “Dog staring creepily because… food.”


Here are five totally legitimate reasons your dog should just get their own takeout. 😉

1. Because once you give your dog one bite, they’re bound to be wonton more.


2. BECAUSE CHOPSTICKS ARE DIFFICULT ENOUGH FOR HUMANS AND WE HAVE HANDS. Sorry I get frustrated I always have to ask for a fork.

3. Now you can technically say you’re ordering for two. Your dog totes won’t tell on you. Cause they can’t talk.


4. They deserve a fortune they can actually relate to. “It says more Barkboxes in my future. BUT WHAT KIND?!”


5. Let’s be honest, take out is not always the healthiest choice. And we all know your dog eats better than you do. So now they can have the healthier version of what you’re eating…


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Lunar New Year Polyvore

Product Information: Andi’s Famous Dumplings ($16), Fortune Cookie ($14), Chow Chow Mein Treats ($9), Zuke’s Lunar Biscuits ($8), Benny’s Famous Noodles ($14), Chicken Kung Pow Treats ($8).

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