12 Dogs That Are Definitely Not Fake Laughing At Your Lame Dad Joke

12 Dogs That Are Definitely Not Fake Laughing At Your Lame Dad Joke

You know it, we know it… you are a wagnificent jokester and a punning master of wit! Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the pundamental brilliance of Dad jokes. Well, don’t fret, boys and squirrels, because here’s 12 dogs that are always pup for a good laugh …no matter how cringe-worthy it is.

1. Why did the cowboy buy a Dachshund? Someone told him to “get a long little doggy.”


2. What did the dog detective call himself? Sherlock Bones.


3. What do you call a large dog that meditates? An aware wolf.

dog smile 2

4. Where do small dogs like to travel? New Yorkie.

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5. How do you know it’s raining cats and dogs? By stepping in a Poodle.


6. Hey, girl. Do you know the difference between a dog and a fox? Five drinks.

dog smile 5 corny joke

7. What did one dog say to compliment another? Well, don’t you look fetching today!

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8. What was the Golden’s position on the football team? Wide retriever.

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9. Why did the poor dog chase his tail? He was trying to make ends meet.

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10. What’s a dog’s favorite vegetable? Collie-flower.

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11. Hey girl, are you a backyard? Because I’m diggin’ you.

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12. What kind of dog loves taking baths? Shampoodles!

dog corny joke

In the end, remember that no matter how funny you are, there will always be one Fickle Fido trying to rain on your parade… Oh well, guess you can’t please ’em all.

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