1. "If that raccoon tries to get into our trash one more time I swear..."
2. "I'm allowed back inside appawrently. Dad isn't."
Source: @gayetha03
3. "Why would I go in a fake house when I'm already in a real one hooman? What am I, a dog?"
Source: @abcstroxell
4. "Yea, you KEEP walking cat. This MY house."
Source: @mommabulldog87
5. When no one shows up to your birthday party.
Source: @akrollins15
6. When you know you've been bad so instead of sitting in the dog house you just try to look real cute and guilty on top of it. WELL PLAYED PUP.
Source: Imgur
7. Just settling into the Red Roof Inn. Pretty comfy.
Source: Imgur
8. "I will NOT come down until I get my treatz."
9. "Back in my day, all dogs slept on their houses like this. Sleeping inside is for you punk kids, with your bark n' roll music."
Source: @ewinn12
10. "The floor is lava."
Source: Reddit
11. "Until I can sleep in a real igloo, I'll continue sleeping up here in protest."
Source: Reddit
12. "Yep. This makes sense."
13. "Dude, I have a built-in freezer on my roof. Why would I sleep anywhere else?"
Source: @jack_p
14. "Whatever, it's my house. I do what I want." #MyNameIsLiterallyOnIt
Source: YouTube
15. Look, we've all been here after a long night of drinking. It happens.
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15 Dogs Who Don’t Understand How Dog Houses Work

“Oh, you said go IN the house. I thought you meant ON it. Sorry, miscommunication.”

Dogs are so weird sometimes.

Feature image via Imgur