15 Dogs Ready For Your Thanksgiving Guests To Bounce Already

15 Dogs Ready For Your Thanksgiving Guests To Bounce Already

While you may be excited to see your entire family over the holidays, your dog may not share in the excitement of having guests at his house. These dogs certainly aren’t happy to have extra people hanging out.

1. “Listen, I know the puppy nephews are cute and all, but this is ridiculous.”

dog steals bed 2

2. “Maybe if I eat all the turkey everyone will get hungry and go home. Oh my god, I’m a genius.”

dog turkey

3. “Let the puppy have your bed, they said. It’ll be nice, they said.”

big dog little bed

4. “They will never want to come back now.”

dog peeing on car

5. “We haven’t seen our deer side of the family in ages, and suddenly they just show up uninvited.” #Rude

deer in bed

6. “I’ll just be under here until they’re gone.”

dog hiding

7. “I don’t know what happened, but I guess they can’t stay if they don’t have anywhere to sleep.”

destroyed pillow

8. “Um…do you need me to help you pack your suitcase? Book your airplane ticket? JUST LEAVE MY ROOM, PLEASE.”

cat stole the dog bed

9. Dog: “OK, now you’re just doing this out of spite.”

cat in crate

10. “If I bring them their shoes, maybe they’ll get the hint?”

dog shoes

11. “No remote? No TV and no Thanksgiving football game. Everyone will have to go home!”

12. Dog: I will make you get out!
Cat: Take me to my food, servant.

13. “If I destroy their clothes, they will never want to come back!”

sock stealer

14. “Everyone else has leftovers except me. I wonder why that is.”

15. You know what, I give up.

cat on dog