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1. "Dude... we just couldn't stop ourselves..."
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2. "Human, we must go to the store. I have...the taste."
3. "Ah man, this peanut butter is so good, I'm just going to open my mouth and show it to everyone. That makes sense."
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4. "Ever since I started eating peanut butter I now smell it wherever I go. I wonder why that is?"
5. "I can handle it, bro. Come on, push that plate a little closer."
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7. "Hnngghh. Hoomaaan! A little help? Hnnnngh!"
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8. "I don't care what anyone says. Peanut butter is better than life. No, it's life itself. Quote me on that."
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9. "Yo, Frank, your face looks strange man. Have you always had whiskers? Whiskers is a funny word. Say it again. Whiiisskers. Weird, huh?"
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10. "The sensations running through my body...I can see through the space time consortium. Uh, what brand of peanut butter you said this was again?"
"Thanks for the peanut butter, hooman. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna chill out and watch Dexter for, like, six hours."
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"Whoa, maybe that reflection of me isn't really a reflection but a portal into another dimension?" #DogDeepThoughts
"There better not be any pills or vitamins hidden in this peanut butter, hooman."
"Is there something on my face?"
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"I don't hit the peanut butter as much as I did when I was younger, but when I do -- oh boy, watch out!"
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And lastly, 16. "Look into my eyes, hooman. Look into the very windows of my soul, the center of my being.......and drop that peanut butter sandwich."
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16 Dogs Who Hit The Peanut Butter Way Too Hard

These pups just can’t say no to peanut butter, and man, they hit that jar HARD. Here is a hilariously delightful round-up of pups who are just too down for the legumes and need to chill out.

Disclaimer: Before you feed your dog peanut butter, make sure this dangerous additive isn’t in it first.

Featured image via @obiandluna