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1. First pic: "Take my picture take my picture!" Second pic: "Yo can you NOT take my picture right now??"
Source: @maijakm
2. From sweet and innocent, to evil genius.
Source: @notadoodle
3. When you #werk for the camera the entire photo shoot & your friend posts the one picture of you pre-sneeze.
4. Pawbviously they catch you without your contacts in and THAT'S the pic they post.
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5. Listen when you have allergies, they're not all going to be gems.
Source: @quangadang
6. When you smell a batch of freshly baked cookies.
Source: @m_thebeagle
7. From "Wow" to "Wut"
8. "I'm ready for my close up now." "Ok back up that's too close."
Source: @zoyzalsa
9. When you go from over it, to hung over.
10. Pre-game > post-game. #sorryforpartying
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11. When you start the movie...and when you're pretending you're still watching it.
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12. This is me anytime someone tries to explain a card game at a party.
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13. When your role model is Lindsay Lohan.
Source: @soffiaevans
14. When you try to send a sexy pic to your boo, but you send the wrong one.
Source: @weirdwiener
15. On fleek...and off fleek.
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15 Dogs Who Are Tired Of Being Tagged In Ugly Facebook Photos

Let’s be honest, when it comes to group pictures, no one ever looks at anyone else’s face except their own. Everyone else’s eyes could be shut, but if they nail the skinny arm, that’s the one getting posted. I think I speak for all of these dogs in this album when I say I am #grateful for the “Remove Tag” feature on Facebook. The moral of the story, ASK before you tag. #FacebookPetiquette