16 Dogs Who Rang In 2016 A Little Too Hard

16 Dogs Who Rang In 2016 A Little Too Hard

Well, obviously dogs celebrate New Year’s Eve! They wouldn’t miss the most epic ball drop of the year! Of course, some canines get a little too excited with the pooch hooch. Happens to the best of us. New Year’s Day is for eating and sleeping, which is why dogs are great hangover buddies, just don’t mention anything about “hair of the dog” to them …not today.

1. “I’m just …gonna ……..”


3. “Why is today doing this to me? I’m a good boy.”

4. “I’m too hungover to even watch TV! What’s the point of living!?”

5. “I’m coming, brunch! I’m cooommming!”


7. “Hey, Buddy? One more strum and I’ll kill you in your sleep, kay? Love you so much. Shut the hell up.”

8. “I gross made out with everyone. Heh heh heh heh, ew.”

9. “I’m not ready to talk about it. I’MNOTREADYTOTALKABOUTIT.”

10. “Coming into work was a poor choice. My sweat is vodka based.”

11. “My wallet, my phone, my keys, my shoes, and my self respect …all gone.”

12. “Back off. Every one knows resolutions don’t start until January 2nd.”

13. “Isn’t it the BEST when you miraculously don’t get a hangover the next d- …oh, no…. here it comes …oh, no… goodbye forever.”

14. “This is how I feel about 2016 so far.”

15. “I did WHAT last night?”

16. “Ugh. see you in 2017.”

Happy 2016!

Note: BarkPost condones anthropomorphic humor, NOT canine alcohol consumption. Don’t give your dog alcohol. That would be very, very, very, very dumb.

Featured image via Slightly Warped