10 Biker Dogs Who Are Coming To Disrupt Your Quiet Suburban Neighborhood

10 Biker Dogs Who Are Coming To Disrupt Your Quiet Suburban Neighborhood

Some pups prefer to go through life safely on the sidelines, while others thrive on speed and risk. A Sunday trip to the dog park just won’t cut it. They need excitement. Danger. That rush of life-affirming adrenaline!

Luckily for the dare-devil pooches below, their masters are kindred spirits, lured by the thrill of the open road. Buckle up and set a course for motorized adventure!

**Disclaimer: Some of the videos featured show dogs in dangerous situations. BarkPost does not condone or recommend these activities.

1. This dog from Delhi simultaneously delighting and terrifying tourists.

2. This prepared pooch toting an umbrella through the streets of Thailand (just in case).

3. This sassy little fella using his menacing bark to clear the road for his biker dude dad.

4. This flappy lipped Bully exchanging respectful waves with fellow travelers.

5. This Golden Retriever who isn’t satisfied being a passenger – he’s gotta be in the driver’s seat!

6. This fearless, thrill-seeking tomboy conquering the dunes on a dirtbike.

7. This surfer’s sidekick who can be spotted all over Kailua Kona, Hawaii cruisin’ shotgun.

8. This well secured floof who doesn’t let safety get in the way of fun.

9. This impatient pooch with a need for speed and a hatred for red lights.

10. This endearing dingus who rides just like a hooman.