Source: kiss1027 (dog)
1. California girls are unreliable, but a California pooch is undeniable. (Human costume via eBay)
Source: kiss1027 (dog)
2. You might be a material girl, but that pup is a pure ray of light. (Human costume via
Source: kiss1027 (dog)
3. The only poker face I wanna read is a dogs-playing-poker face. Deal me in! (Human costume via
4. No Cindy, you don't need extra tutoring. But Pepper? Ooooh Pepper, you've been a bad, bad girl. (Human costume via
Source: Time (dog)
5. Sorry Leopard Person, there's only one Queen of this Jungle -– and she's got me bowing down on all fours. (Human costume via eBay)
Source: kiss1027 (dog)
6. Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but no diamond sparkles like man's best friend. (Human costume via
7. Hey human health services employee, go fetch some medicine 'cuz that Yorkie shortie has my heart a'racin. (Human costume via
8. Sorry human, you might've had a chance -- long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. (Human costume via
9. Save the steins, ma'am, I'll take my beer in a bowl. Time to get boozy with that doozy of a hot chihuahua floozy.(Human costume via Pinterest)
10. Step aside, Miss Witch- Candy corn has never looked so tasty. Arf Arf! (Human costume via Ali Express)
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11. And let's round this list out with one for the ladies! Sorry we couldn't find a sexy enough human to keep up with that bad boy on the right, but did we ever really have a chance? (Human costume via amazon)
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11 Dogs Who Pull Off The “Sexy Halloween Costume” Better Than We Ever Could

Isn’t it the worst feeling in the world when you’ve got your hottest costume all planned and ready to go, and then you step right out the door and that b**** at the dog park is wearing it better than you? Well, hate to break it to you, but these pups have our tails wagging -– and us hoomans are left looking like runts.

Featured image via thecostumeland and Teacups Puppies & Boutiques