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1. "Tiny bubbles...make me happy..."
Source: Marciela Perry
2. “Okay hello yes hi I am ready for bath now please thanks.”
3. “Mmmmm, that’s better.”
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4. “Someone peed in the shower?” #ItWasntMe
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5. “It’s just a little bit small for my head.”
Source: Lifehack
6. “The livin’ is easy, thanks for asking :)”
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7. “You know you like my froggystyle.”
8. “My nose tastes like soap.”
9. “And not a single ear got wet that day.”
10. “What’s a dog gotta do to get a little privacy around here?”
Source: Wish for Pets
11. “Getting schleepy in here…”
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11 Dogs In Shower Caps Who Didn’t See You There

h/t Marciela Perry