1. When you have to go to keep your little brother company...
Source: @ackin12
2. "Stay still. Don't make any sudden movements. Just stay calm and this will all be over soon."
Source: @angekelley
3. "He said we're on the naughty list."
Source: @caseythepooch
4. "Father Christmas?! You're not my real dad. I don't care what they say about these matching hats."
Source: @christiclark
5. "I will be telling my therapist about this moment."
Source: @drmarinaxo
6. "Ugh, Santa, someone should really teach you how to work your angles. You look into the camera like this."
Source: BarkFeed
7. One of these dogs is not like the other... (one is happy).
Source: BarkFeed
8. "What do I want for Christmas? I'll give you one guess." #nomoreconeofshame
Source: @kaylam92
9. "His hands are inches away from my neck. How are you people OK with this??"
Source: @kea.the.berner
10. "I know this trick. You say cheese... but there's never any cheese."
11. "Plz don't ask me if I've been a good doggy."
Source: @sandiegobuddy
12. "You gotta be kidding me. We drove here to see Santa, and this is the best they can do?!"
Source: @kpavese90
13. " this the dude who sees me when I'm sleeping?"
14. "Has he really been watching me all year? Cause I didn't mean to do what I did to that Poodle."
Source: @marfifilarue
15. "Santa's little helper? I'm no elf."
Source: @thepoochcoach
16. "So why was Mommy kissing Santa Paws?"
Source: #thenjensaid
17. "Paw humbug!"
18. "Please say nice list. Please say nice list."
Source: @adampyles
19. "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals."
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19 Dogs Who Won’t Be Leaving Out Biscuits For Santa This Year

There’s always that one kid who waits in line only to melt into a puddle of tears the second he sits on Santa’s lap. Well it’s kind of the same way with pups. These pooches are hoping they don’t get on the naughty list after the way they treated Ol’ Saint Nick. #peedonhisboots