17 Dogs Wearing Pumped Up Kicks

17 Dogs Wearing Pumped Up Kicks

and looking fresh to death….

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1. Claudius

“I said give me two pair, cause I need two pair.”

2. Jupiter

The champ’s ready to run.

3. Monty

“Just out running some errands in my converse knock-arounds.”

4. Gwen

“I like my sneaks so much I wear them on my feet and my hands. Then I ride that pony.” 

5. Peter

“Running’s hard on my knees, but I try to walk around the block every day.”

6. Maxi

“I used to get in a lot of fights defending these kicks from the other dogs on the block. That’s why these babies are ‘Pugnacious.'”

7. Bruce

“Yeah, I ball pretty hard with these on. But I don’t need to brag about it.”

8. Sophie

Even my soles are stunnin’.

9. Brenda

Breathable, denim Chuck’s are all the rage this summer.

10. Scott

“I don’t just chase cats. I wear them on my feet.”

11. Weber

“My adidas and me close as can be.”

12. Diesel

Oh, your shoes have light up heels? Mine have light up toes. That’s right: we are not in Kansas anymore. 

13. Stew

“These calfskin booties are by Gucci.”

14. Poodie

“Bro, you know I gotta rock my Nike’s.”

15. Blaine

“Born to stun.”

16. Remy

“Yeah, I usually sport the low dunks. It feels appropriate–I can’t make any high dunks.”

17. Button

Yeah, they’re a little goofy, but they’re super soft and my feet always get so cold walking around the house in the morning.

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