Day 1. Things can only get worse.
At least she kept her bottoms on? I guess?
Has no idea that every nipple is out. Could truly care less.
With an Insta handle like "Show Me Noodz," this shouldn't be that shocking. Nonetheless, Cabo will never be the same now that it's seen all of Noodle's noodle.
Saw all of this dog but none of Cancun.
Not a nude beach.
A mountain of drinks and two lost debit cards later. Embarrassed for both of you.
Never even made it to the beach. In Daytona Beach. THE WORD BEACH IS IN THE NAME.
Like, do you even know where you are? Acapulco, by the way.
A collar of singles. Real classy.
Nope, not a swimming fountain. Not at all.
Sure, no problem. I'll drive the 13 hours back from Hilton Head while you sleep it off.
Look, Becky, you're the one that said, "Either we do Fort Lauderdale or I'm not going." This is what you get.
Holy Saint Bernard.
Source: Beach Doggies
Took a lot of shits in Miami Beach, gave zero shits the entire time.
Oh good. You made it back.
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NSFW: 17 Dogs Who Went Completely Nuts On Spring Break

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