17 Dogs Enjoying The Ever-loving Crap Out Of Snow Days

17 Dogs Enjoying The Ever-loving Crap Out Of Snow Days

It may be cold outside, but not too cold for these crazy pooches who were born to snow.

1. “The trick to building a snow man is to become the snow man…”

2. “Real dogs build snow dogs, NOT snow men.”

3. “Tag! You’re it!”


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4. “I swear this is where I put my bone before it snowed.”

5. “It’s like a big, yellow snow cone landed in the backyard.” #Delicious

6. “Aw geez, it’s not that cold you big baby.”


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7. As she ducked, she began to regret going outside for a simple game of fetch.

8. “Just when I thought rolling in poop was the greatest thing ever.”

9. “Nobody go down there for a sec. It’s yellow, if you know what I mean.”


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10. “Mom. Dad. I told you. Quit moving my snow.” #TheShovelStopsHere

11. Hanz loves to stick his cold paws down his dad’s shirt. #Joker

12. “…8…9…10. Here I come! If you’re inside you’re cheating!” #HideAndSeek #SnowStyle


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13. “Don’t bother looking for the rest of the snow man.”

14. “Dis is mah ‘I love duh snow’ face.”

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16. These pups decided to winter someplace warmer than they were used to. #Cheating


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17. And there’s so much winter left to explore…

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