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When Dad has one too many beers and they all going straight to that beer belly.
"If you're going out, can you get more ice cream?"
"What, you afraid to groove with your old man?"
"Anyone up for some Law & Order? Could also do Blue Bloods."
"Has anyone seen my list of passwords? I wrote them all down but can't find the dang piece of paper anywhere."
"So YOU'LL be takin' out my daughter, huh?"
"Sharon, where in the heck is that remote?"
"It takes a lot to maintain this."
"C'mon, kids. I was napping."
"You're in Dad's seat."
My ideal Father's Day: play the back 9; tuck into a tuna nicoise and a Tom Collins at the club; Golf Channel the rest of the day.
"So I found your report card."
"Suns out, guns out. Scratch that. Lost the guns about 15 years back. But, hey, I am LOVING this sun."
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14 Dogs Who Are Rocking Their Dad Bodies In Honor Of Dog Dad Day

Sometimes dogs remind us a lot of our dads. Especially when they have a dog dad bod — that is, a snuggly torso, soft paunch, and, if possible, a smothering of rolls. You know, the kind of body that says “I go on a walk every day but I also steal food from the trash and eat Snausages.”

This Father’s Day, we’re saluting all the dog dad bods out there. Here are just a few of our favorites. But there are more. Oh, yes, there are more.

Featured image via @showmenoodz/Instagram