Source: Dog Shaming
“We just wanted to have glitter poop, is that such a crime?”
Source: @stakkijo
“It looks better than anything my hooman could have carved, so…”
Source: Dog Shaming
"Why would you make candles that look like candy corn? Whose fault is this really?"
Source: Dog Shaming
“Hey, if you leave it within my reach it is fair game.”
Source: Dog Shaming
“Well can you blame me? Why don’t you dress up as a viking then…”
Source: Dog Shaming
“And it was as easy as they say it is…”
Source: Dog Shaming
“I don’t think I can carve pumpkins, I know I can. My pumpkin is unique and I stand by my work.”
Source: Dog Shaming
“Helloooo, it’s a bone! How is this any different from the other bones I nom on?”
Source: imgur
“We saw the light inside and wanted to see what it was. It was just a light.”
Source: Dog Shaming
“The door opened, I saw a man in a hot dog costume, and I bolted. In doing so I may or may not have scared a princess, but that’s besides the point.”
Source: Pug Village
“Dress up as a famous cat? No, shan’t.”
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11 Halloween Tricks That Resulted In Dog Shaming

Everything that a pup could do wrong on Halloween, these dogs did. Most involve eating, all result in shaming. If your pup is trickin’ instead of treatin’ this Halloween, make sure to snap a pic and contribute to the Dog Shaming collection. Happy Howlloween!

For more dogshaming pics, check out dogshaming.com and the Dog Shaming book!

Featured image via I Really Love My Dogs