1. "All right Doods ...let's get LIT."
Source: @samsonthedood
2. "I've been looking forward to this ALL WEEK."
3. "Oh sorry, guys... I WOULD offer you one, but I sorta brought this pack for just myself."
4. "I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite!"
Source: @cliffthedoodle
5. "I puked. But I rallied."
7. *hiccup*
Source: @2b_curly
8. "Does anyone have an extra hair-tie??"
9. “We need a pawliday/ If we woofed a pawliday/ Woofed some time to celebrate/ Just one stray out of life (paw-li-day!)/ It would pee/ It would pee so nice!”
Source: @lenadoodle
10. "I tasted the rainbow."
11. "You know what they say! 'Liquor before beer, in the clear. Beer before liquor, the clear.'"
Source: @pilotjoe10
12. "I don’t know any one at this party."
Source: @elliedoodledog
13. "I drink to forget about that time I accidentally ate yellow snow."
Source: @hoboken_dood
14. "What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe."
15. "Why is everyone making me leave?*hiccup*"
Source: @rumpsthedoodle
16. "Everything I'm doing this exact moment I'll regret tomorrow."
Source: @ajanieks
17. "Gimme one sec.. I'll get off the bed just as soon as the room stops spinning."
18. You want to get lit? I'm going to need to see some ID. You do not look over 3 dog years old.
19. When you are your bestie are trying to get lit together, but you both thought you were meeting at a different bar.
20. "I look AMAZING. That's it... I'm trying out for The Bachelor."
Source: @baileydoodle
"We're looking for dates so we have somebody to slobber on New Year's Eve."
Source: @lancey_doodle
22. Wow. There's lit and then there's LIT. The dog all the way to the left is going to be feeling it tomorrow.
Source: @luckybaker
23. "A festive hat!"
Source: @reagandoodle
24. "Why don't they make Skinnygirl Eggnog?"
25. "Do these lights make my paws look enormous?"
26. "Started from the bottom, now we're ... plateauing."
Source: @pennnybear
27. "I'm a reindoodle."
28. Is that a wiener at the Doodle party or are you just happy to see me?
Source: @its_charisma
29. “Oh my dog, you guys! I’m so bright right now. I’m so, so, so, so, bright right now.”
Source: @theodore.starr
30. "Whoa. Absinthe is intense."
31. "Naaaaaants ingonyamaaaaaa bagIEEthi Babaaaa - IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIGHTS!"
Source: @somerinthecity
32. "I werent Tacala Bells smo 'uch righ'now. Djoo weren beefrito??"
Source: @indiethedoodle
33. "I think I'm feeling it."
34. "Let's pawrty."
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34 Doodles You Can Thank For Starting Your New Favorite Christmas Tradition

Major paw-rops to Neptune The Doodle, who came up with the most genius #hashtag of the Holiday season! Boys and squirrels, allow me to introduce,


The best way to get turnt up this season is to twirl up your Dood in some Christmas lights, upload the pic to social media (including BarkFeed!) and tag your photo #DoodsGetLit.

And please, celebrate getting lit responsibly!
Furry Christmas!

I’m going to the #doodsgetlit party! Thank you, @samsonthedood for inviting us all to join you. 🐶🎄

A video posted by Mr. Reagan (@reagandoodle) on

Featured image via @goldendoodlebuddy