"You're toast, buddy!"
When your elf gets into more deep sh*t than your dogs do.
"I was just checking to make sure these work."
"No one will believe I did this lol."
"I could just use my teeth, but ain't nobody got time for that!"
"Just two friends having a good time. No, I don't know if he's still breathing."
"Ok, I counted to ten, ready or not here I come! Wait, why are we playing Hide-and-Seek in a tub? Why is my towel on the floor? Why do I hear the faucet being tur--"
Just a friendly game of fetch between two mortal enemies, nbd.
"I like to call this one 'Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.'"
Source: Lil Blue Boo
These might as well be laced with laxatives.
"Um...you see, what had happened was..."
"This'll get rid of you once and for all!"
"I'm just helping out with the cleaning lol."
Source: Flickr
For those whose dogs always get treat-wasted.
"No, I don't hear anything coming from my paws. These are just squeaky shoes."
"Prepare for a sparkly good time!"
Source: Clumsy Crafter
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