23 Of The Most Epic Dog Fails Of 2015

23 Of The Most Epic Dog Fails Of 2015

The year 2015 has been a crazy year for all of us, but some dogs had it worse than others. Here are your favorite dog fails of 2015, in no pawticular order of doofiness.

1. Fritz the Golden Retriever failed at catching anything.

No one failed harder this year than Fritz. You’d think the promise of sweet, sweet noms would get him to up his fetch game, but you’d be wrong.

2. Pittie puppy tried his darndest to get on bed, failed adorably.

If at first you don’t succeed, whine and try again.

3. Squishy Bulldog puppy couldn’t fetch, adorably bounced in defeat.

As if being the most roly-poly mutherpupper in the dog park isn’t bad enough already, this Bulldog puppy forgets how to dog for a brief moment. Thankfully, he recovers beautifully. And by “beautifully” I mean “in the most ridiculous fashion.”

4. Dogs reacted to their owners passing out on the sidewalk.

There’s more if you click here, but the gist of it is that some folks decided to pass out unexpectedly to see what their dogs would do. We’d like to think our dogs would immediately stop and come to check on us because they’re our best friends poster children for Stockholm Syndrome, but this little social experiment showed us the real truth: dogs are tired of our bullcrap.

5. Shiba got stuck in a bush.

stuck shiba inu 2

This Shiba was most likely pretending. Because Shibas are the Judgmental Judys of the dog world, this one just wanted the perfect spot from which to scoff at all the plebes below.

6. Turned out dogs weren’t quite the guard dogs we thought they were.

Guard dog? Nope. Treat gobbling doofuses? Yep! This experiment was just an enormous fail waiting to happen and they went ahead with it anyway. Friendly disclaimer: Don’t try this at home, for obvious reasons. Also, maybe don’t call your dog a wimp to his face so as not to hurt his fragile feelings.

7. Dog + stick = still a better love story than Twilight.

This pup’s used up all his luck finding the biggest stick in the world, but now he can’t get it home. Watch as he desperately stares at the camera as if to say, “This can’t be happening to me.”

8. Bulldog in a life vest couldn’t deal with life or vest.

The only thing more hilarious than a Bulldog in a life vest is a Bulldog hating everything while in a life vest.

9. Itty bitty caterpillar savagely attacked wimpy Bulldog.

To be fair, caterpillars are pretty spooky-looking. Like why do you even need so many legs?

10. Dog’s moment in the spotlight overshadowed by stupid baby.

This dog obviously has feelings about sharing the spotlight with his tiny human. However, his retaliation is pure genius.

11. Embarrassed dog gets humped on live TV.

Ah, yes. The beauty of live TV is that anything can happen at any time. Which, for this dog, proves to be oh so traumatic. Just look at her face: dogaFETA

12. Sheriff’s office accidentally got new rug that said “In Dog We Trust.”


Sorry, God, but the dogs win this round. A Florida Sheriff’s department got a nice surprise when they unrolled their new rug and found the words “In Dog We Trust” printed on it. It may have been a fail for some, but dog lovers everywhere nodded in agreement.

13. English Bulldog loved box so much he couldn’t see straight.

This love story is less tragic than Romeo and Juliet because at least this Bulldog doesn’t get roofied by a priest. I just want someone to love me the way this dog loves his box.

14. Loki wanted to know why his food was on fire.

That was the last time anyone set Loki’s food on fire. via ON YOUTUBE: _Got a funny video to share? Go to and tag #FunniestHomeVideos. Videos featured here will receive a $25 coupon to!
Posted by BarkBox on Friday, November 20, 2015

Think about this from a dog’s perspective. Everyone has ridiculous upside down cones on their heads (wtf, can I just not relive my cone nightmares), the humans are singing, and the cake doesn’t even have carob chips on it. There is only one way to deal with this disgrace.

15. Thanksgiving fails that made you wish you hadn’t hosted at your place this year.

15. What's the big deal? I'm just doing that thing your co-worker secretly does behind your back.

Some of you may still be reeling from the insanity of spending more time than usual with your drunk relatives, so you may want to skip this one. For the rest of you, enjoy this list of extreme Thanksgiving fails that’ll either make you laugh or cry, depending on how many times your holidays have been ruined by your mischievous pup.

16. That time you showed us your dinguses.


We asked, and you all delivered. Enjoy this dog fail Hall of Fame of supreme doofuses who clearly have zero plans to change their dingus ways.

17. German Shepherd bravely saved family from stuffed tiger.


18. Adorable pup was scared of his own hiccups.

I’ve never tried barking away my hiccups, but it seems to be working for this little squinkyfaced pup.

19. Dogs forgot how to doghouse.


Of all the things you plan to teach your dog, using a doghouse is not one of them. Someone tell these doges they’re not Snoopy.

20. These dogs failed at getting you to stop taking selfies.

"Fabulous skirt! (Totally stealing it out of your closet later.)"

The selfie epidemic is finally getting to these poor dogs, who would rather be anywhere but in your narcissistic photoshoot. Most of them seem to be ashamed for their humans, which says a lot about how dogs really are our best friends. It’s like they don’t really want to ruin your shot, but could you please put your phone down and be less obsessed with yourself, ffs!

21. In which we wondered how that was even remotely comfortable.


You have to be a napmaster to fall asleep in these positions and stay asleep. Dear all dogs: This is why people compare you to drunk toddlers.

23. Kid stepped in poo, reacted just like he should.

In a list full of dog fails, it’s about time they won something. Not pictured: a dog rubbing his paws together and going, “Yes…yes.”

We hope you enjoyed reliving the biggest dog fails of 2015 with us! Just remember, no matter how hard these dogs failed this year, they’re still dogs, so they win at life.

Featured image via chubbytired on YouTube