Willow The Escape Artist Dog Puts Skills To Good Use So She Never Misses A Car Ride

Scoot over Chris Angel, there is a new super-magician in town and her name is Willow!

For the uninitiated, Willow is a smart Golden Retriever puppy who has the uncanny skill in figuring out how to open the front door with her paws. While this may give way to a possibly ugly scenario, fear not, for Willow only uses this talent of hers when she wants to join the family in a car ride. The impeccable skills are really something to behold, and as long as Willow only uses her escaping skills for good purposes, she might just have a future as a magician’s assistant.

If Willow can expand her talent pools to making more snacks appear in her food bowl, she just might be ready to take this skill of hers on the road. She really might be on to something!

h/t Rumble