koala frenchie 2
A Doggpelgänger list wouldn't be complete without the cunning red Shibafox. sources: @mr_peltola, Ben Chase
Hyena Dog is laughing *with* you. sources: @kqm94, Carolyn Hilton
The elegant Rottopotamus surveys her queendom. sources: @suzqcarter, Animal Fact Guide
Here we observe the languid stare of the black Pit-Panther in his native habitat (study hall). sources: @raposo089 PictureByPali
It's #TongueOutTuesday every day for the Bearded Dragondog! sources: @apureportrait, Alamy
A quiet moment of repose for the gorgeous Zebradog. sources: shawphotographyco National Geographic
The French-Koala-Bull prefers savory dog treats to leafy eucalyptus and clings to a human instead of a treetop, but we dare you to resist the cuteness. sources: @charlotte_and_duke, Koala Land
Like its cousin the Tapir, the Bull Terrier is tired of the question, "Why the long face?" sources: @mathiasarriaga_r, wkhc
The rare Chi-Panda is native to the blanket forest, where she can be found burrowing her way to...yup, China. sources: @pilsworthprodigy Wall321
The tiny Tarsierpup is like, 86% eyeballs, 1000% adorable. sources: @chloekardoggian Hiroya Minakuchi/Corbis
Wait, what the...? I don't know. sources: @maayan.p.trainer.nutritionist, Rex Features/Greenpeace
The fennec-Chi is all ears. sources: @momima123_japan, Rare Delights
Post no bills? Platypus dog is having none of that. sources: @athenasecureyahoocom, ABC Science
Otterdog nose what's up. sources: @nikkitales, ucumari
Polar Samoyed is literally the coolest dog on this list. source: @2.wonderful.samoyed Beacon Transcript
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15 Dogs And Their Exotic Animal Doppelgängers

It’s not necessary to venture to the far savannah or deep under the sea to see some strange-looking beasts. Chances are, there’s one in your home RIGHT NOW. It’s a jungle out there!

Featured image via @charlotte_and_duke / Koala Land