17 Privileged Pups Tell Us All About Their First World Pawblems

17 Privileged Pups Tell Us All About Their First World Pawblems

Dog people are a proud bunch. Not only do we take pleasure in meeting our dogs’ basic needs, we do ’em one better by going to great (and at times absurd) lengths to make sure our dogs are as happy as canine-ly possible. And they definitely love us for it. But all of that pampering can have a little backlash.

You see, spoiling your pup may make them…a little too comfortable with their lot in life. A little jaded, if you will. An entitled little bratface monster, to be frank.

“Go away, human, gosh.

So if entitled pups were able to communicate in humanspeak, here are 17 things they’d complain about.

1. When you ask them to make a birthday wish.

2. When you provide cozy shelter from the frozen world.

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3. When you trade your swanky city apartment for a house in the suburbs (and a mortgage) because you want your dog to have space to run.

4. When you let them pick a toy every time you go to the pet store.

5. When you explain that sticking his head out the window is dangerous, no matter how fun it looks on TV.

6. When you try to engage them in a friendly game of basic fetch.

7. When you try to keep a tidy home instead of letting the cat’s turds fester in the litter box.

8. When you channel your inner baker and whip up a fancy cake for your furbaby.

9. When you’re so good at choosing toys that every toy is your dog’s fave.

10. When you don’t have money to buy new socks because you spent it all on the four-legged ingrate you call your best friend.

11. When you force yourself to interact with other people at the dog park multiple times a week just so your dog can be a happy, socialized pup.

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12. When you mistakenly think you can ask your dog to go get his ball so you can throw it for his pleasure.

13. When you stop caring about what people will say and buy your dog a king size human bed because you think he deserves it.

14. When you thoughtfully install a doggy door because you firmly believe dogs should have the freedom to decide when they want fresh air.

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15. When you love your dog so much everything he does is worth attention on social media.

16. When a pool is one of the requirements when looking for a house so your dog can go swimming whenever he wants.

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via Imgur

17. When getting a BarkBox every month teaches your dog that, surely, every other package must be for them as well.

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