19 Dancing Dogs Show Off Their Fresh Moves & We Can’t Stop Laughing

19 Dancing Dogs Show Off Their Fresh Moves & We Can’t Stop Laughing

This post is pawwered by the folks at Freshpet who know that sometimes a fresh meal makes pups + humans so excited that they just have to dance. In paw-nor of Pet Wellness Month, they’re launching the #FreshDance challenge! All you have to do is take a short video or photo of your pup, cat, or you and your pet (or you!) dancing before a meal and use the hashtag #Freshdance by 11/21. The grand prize winner will receive $500 of Freshpet food + so much more. Visit Freshpet to learn more and enter!

When we first announced the Freshpet #FreshDance campaign, we thought we found the greatest dancing dog GIFs and videos on the web. A week into the campaign we’d like to take back our initial declaration and paw-ficially declare that THESE are the greatest dog dancing videos on the Internet. Below are our favorite entries in Freshpet’s #FreshDance contest. 🙂

1. Hoo Hoo the Bully puts the fresh in his #Freshdance.

A video posted by @hoohoo_thebully on

2. Chancho the Mexican Frenchie can teach you how to Dougie.

3. Rambo the Puppy can’t control himself when it’s time for Freshpet!

4. Taylor Swift can’t shake it off like this Husky can.

A video posted by @insta_animal on

5. Operation Sumo is a maniac on the dance floor!

6. They’re playing Murphy’s song! #SpinIt

7. Bordeaux’s #Freshdance is also a #Happydance!

8. Learn the Cha Cha Slide with Oliver! #SlideToTheLeft

9. Nella knows what to do with her big butt. #WiggleWiggle

A video posted by @meltrinidad on

10. Check out Rio’s power spin! #DanceLikeNobodysWatching

A video posted by Rio (@riobluebostonterrier) on

11. Rolling over has never been this rhythmic! Smooth moves from the Dachshunds of Instagram.

12. Oscar puts the pros to shame! #NeverHadALesson

A video posted by Oscar (@xx_oscargram_xx) on

13. Coco the Frenchie prefers partner dancing with humoons. #TakesTwoToTango

A video posted by Coco (@cocothefrenchiepup) on

14. This tiny dancer won’t let the weather turn her into a wallflower. Go Scouty!

15. Who knew Marnie had these moves?! #HotHotHot

A video posted by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

16. Cesar and Stitch turn in the pawformance of a lifetime!

A video posted by @insta_dog on

17. There’s a reason this dog is named Radio. Her moves make the music!

A video posted by Freshpet (@freshpet) on

18. Mugsy makes it happen for Freshpet!

A video posted by Freshpet (@freshpet) on

19. Break it down, Carly! #PopAndLock

A video posted by Freshpet (@freshpet) on

Aw yeah! If that didn’t put you in the mood the shake it till you break it, check out this video mash up of these Freshpet all-stars. We like to think of it as the doggy dance party of our dreams.

This post is sponsored by the pups at Freshpet! Capture your own pup’s dancing skills to win $500 worth of food among many other prizes! To learn more about how healthy, fresh food can change your dog’s life, visit!