12 Dogs That Made Us Laugh The Hardest This Week

12 Dogs That Made Us Laugh The Hardest This Week

Oh, look. Another week has ended. Did you finish everything you planned to finish? That research paper, that checklist, that TCP report? What’s that? You didn’t? You spent most of the week looking at funny dog videos and procrastinating? Of course you did. Behold, a round-up of this week’s greatest distractions:

Before we start, do you smell that? It smells like…farts. And it wasn’t me, I swear.


I’m pretty it was this dog. Innocent people don’t flee the room like this.

Satan has a dog, and here he is..waltzing into your nightmares.

On second thought, it was probably this dog. Dinguses can’t be trusted.


And the reason they can’t be trusted? Because they do stuff like this:

And let’s not forget their potty mouths…

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…or the way they never cover their mouths when they sneeze

great dane-94

…and the way they come home from the bar looking like this

splash zone

…which are just some of the many reasons why dogs drive us nuts.


Oh, you don’t think your dog is a jerk? You might want to find out for yourself.


But dogs can be great for some things. After all, they’re highly teachable.


You can even teach them to do the unthinkable.

gwenyth paltrow 7

They even save us from deadly cat attacks. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

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Now excuse us, we have some Oscar-nominated movies we still haven’t watched yet. 

the martian use use

Until next week!