10 Of The Funniest Dogs Of The Week

10 Of The Funniest Dogs Of The Week

Well, another week has come and gone. We’ve learned plenty of life lessons, but also made plenty of mistakes, too:

Like thinking we could trust our dog to not chew through the walls while we’re away.


Or to not rummage through the garbage and then pretend like nothing happened.

Or not pretend to play dead whenever it’s bath time.

And through these mistakes we learned the reason why we’re crazy and single.


But although dogs can be a handful, dogs also teach us important lessons, like how to stand up to the man.

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…how we shouldn’t be embarrassed about our lack of cojones

where are my balls dog meme

…and how we should totally be a badass motorcyclist in India…or something.

Other stuff we learned this week? That Shar-peis look like little croissants. 

And that this is not how you kiss people. (If only our middle school self knew that.)


Anyway, see you next week! We’ll be sleeping like this.

1. This looks like the inversion of comfort.

Featured image via @anniepaddington, Reddit, and @must_love_dogs_pitsky