We Asked People To Give Their Dogs Man-Legs… And They Did

We Asked People To Give Their Dogs Man-Legs… And They Did

It was Friday, at 6:25 PM, when Val Lowitz, the illiterate, mad scientist man behind the @Barkbox Instagram account, thought to himself: A lot of people have dogs. And a lot of people have pants. Thus, #YouShouldGiveYourDogManLegsProbably was born! Here are some dogs in pants because it’s the internet and it’s best to not question it.

Note: Woman-legs are also encouraged. Ladies wear pants, too, you know.

1. “If you’ve got nothing going on tonight, you should give your dog man-legs probably.”

2. @klausiedoodle the Doodle wants to know if you have pants. Of course you do.

3. Sup, @uncleduncan! Those are some pretty sweet pants you have there on your man-legs.

4. “When you realize how easy it is to give your dog man-legs.” @gunnerloveshugs

5. @brewster_the_goldendoodle had a ruff week. Until he put on khakis …over man-legs, of course.

6. Woah. How did you guys get this picture of me from Saturday night? J/k it’s just Sofi lounging in some woman-jeans and stilettos.

7. Two dogs, one pants? That doesn’t really work, but these jeans and loafers on @bronxthefrenchbully sure do.

8. Parker the Chiweenie is chiwinning. Why? Because he’s embracing his body a.k.a, his man-legs.

9. @alesadawn gave us another “Two dogs, one pants” situation. You know what they say, double the denim, double the fun! (Just roll with it.)

10. I’m sorry @rustyinla is that a beret you’re wearing as an accessory to your MAN-LEGS? Wow. Just wow. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

11. Shiva, getting turnt on a Friday night. (As the kids say) What do I know I’m just an adult man with man-legs writing about man-dogs – dammit!

12. This dog is thrilled about his woman-legs, but not thrilled about the Uggs.

13. Great job, @alex_the_brand! I don’t know what it is you’re selling, but based on your taste in slacks, I’m already a loyal customer.

14. FINALLY! Those of us who prefer sweatpants are represented. Thank you Myrcella. Respect.

15. @thefrumpydog says this is a thing now. That’s how you know it’s legit.

16. @bag_thebeagle is the 2ND dog on this list who is pairing a beret and man-legs. That is not a sentence I anticipated writing today …or ever, to be honest.

17. Not only did @littleplasticgoblins turn up with OVERALLS, he came prepared with JOKES. Ready??
“Did you hear the one about the bubblegum train? It goes CHEW CHEW! Hahaha. Lol.”

18. When your man-legs turn your cone of shame into a cone of fame. Thank you, @chihuahua_digest . Thank you.

19. Not only does this dog have moves like Jagger. He has man-legs like Jagger. Well done, @tailsnmor.

20. @nelsonthegoldendoodle is sorry-not-sorry for putting his man-legs on the couch.

21. @PickleBeholding, just casually MANSPREADING.

22. This might be my favorite caption: “Always watching the history channel when he’s waiting for his Uber”-@icecreamandwizards


So, if you have a dog, and pants, #youshouldgiveyourdogmanlegsprobably. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

Featured image via @gunnerloves