Golden Retriever Floofs Cause A Tiny Ball Pit Tsunami In Their Rush To Get Some Grub

At first this video is just cute because PUPPIES and awww because said puppies are in a tiny, plastic castle and OMG just look at their soft little faces, but then the first kid breaks through the barrier.

A massive wave of balls (okay, massive to them) comes pouring out and spilling everywhere.

giphy (2)

This isn’t the best part, though. You just have to wait, and with each passing second your smiler will grow wider as more puppies sidle over the horizon. After the next five you’re like “Okay, that must be it,” right? WRONG. First a few more come, then a couple more, then when you think it’s really over you discover a few vertically-challenged stragglers.

Forget the ball pit, this is a PUPPY TSUNAMI. Enjoy responsibly.

H/t YouTube/The Pet Collective