Living the pug life.
Getting carried away by love.
Noodle never said he was a rescue dog.
Just a man and his buttpug.
Jabba the Pug.
See? There really WERE two winners for Miss Universe. Steve Harvey wasn't wrong.
True love cannot be caged.
The greatest pug story ever told.
No dogs allowed in the car? No problem.
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A subtle but powerful change.
A Portrait of a Man with a Pug.
We'll go to very distant lands...
A whole new world...
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Burnt starring Pugley Cooper: snubbed by Oscars, embraced by pug.
Oh come on, you knew this one was coming.
And also this one.
Source: WpPrRz_/Reddit
Meanwhile, in heaven...
Aaaand it's 1994.
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This Guy And His Pug’s Couple Photoshoot Just Spawned An Epic Photoshop Battle

Remember BarkPost’s own Jonathan Graziano and his Pug, Noodle? Of course you do. They posed for this romantic couples photoshoot in Central Park to celebrate the wonder that is love.

jon noodle copy

Just like you, the Internet has fallen in love with Jonathan and Noodle, and their bond has created an epic Photoshop battle the likes of which we’ve never seen. After all, great love inspires great art.

Featured images via Brittany Worgan and @i_am_a_bot_ama/Reddit

H/t Reddit