20 Dogs Dealing With Some Seriously Hilarious #DogProblems

20 Dogs Dealing With Some Seriously Hilarious #DogProblems

Hey, we’ve all got issues. And your dog is no different. Here’s a peek at just a few of the things that are concerning your dog at this very moment:

1. When you hear your owner calling somebody else a “good boy!” #dogproblems

good boy
2. When your toy gets stuck to your collar. #dogproblems

toy stuck to collar
3. When someone offers you broccoli and you’re like wtf is this. #dogproblems

broccoli dog
4. When you see a picture of yourself from behind and realize you’re a lot bigger than you thought. #dogproblems

noodle girthy
5. When you try to hammock. #dogproblems

dog hammock
6. When you can’t hear what they’re saying in the front seat. #dogproblems

dog car seat
7. When your bed is too small. #dogproblems

dog in bed
8. When you’re trying to protect everyone from the vicious red light, but no one is taking the threat seriously. #dogproblems

9. When your owner comes home smelling like a different dog. #dogproblems

smelsl like a diff dog
10. When you’re the only one who knows how to pee the right way. #dogproblems

pug peeing gif
11. When your art is censored. #dogproblems

dog censored
12. When no one believes you. #dogproblems

toilet paper
13. When you got too many tennis balls but not enough mouths. #dogproblems

golden tennis balls
14. When you can’t catch the mouse on the computer screen. #dogproblems

15. When you have no choice but to throw shade back at the lampshade. #dogproblems

8luvnlight8 lampshade
16. When you throw up mid-selfie. #dogproblems

dog selfie throw up
17. When you got braceface but you’re so cute it’s not even really a problem. #dogproblems

18. When you want to play with the fence, but the fence isn’t into it. #dogproblems

shiba fence
19. When your ball is trapped under the frozen kiddie pool and you have a full meltdown. #dogproblems

20. When your owner takes a picture of you pooping and then posts it online. #dogproblems

ralphie poops
Featured image via Cute Overload