Hero Dog Protects Human From Evil Hair Dryer Of Doom

Hero Dog Protects Human From Evil Hair Dryer Of Doom

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The world is full of villains ready to gobble us up. Luckily, man’s best friend has an uncanny knack for picking up on these evils before it’s too late, saving humans from certain doom.

Marley the Boxer is one of the many canine heroes protecting our planet. Like any dog, she has seen her share of devious mailmen and vacuum cleaners, but there is one nemesis she just can’t shake: The Hair dryer.

Everyday this evil invention tries to suck up Marley’s human, starting at the head with a loud roar. Sick of seeing her friend put in danger, our hero dog has decided to take things into her own paws and ATTACK!

Watch her battle against the fire-breathing bad guy below.

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