Source: Reddit
1. This fountain-using dog went from being helpful…
Source: A_Hairy_Wizard
…to being hero of the dog world.
Source: Reddit
2. This consoling adorabulldog…
Source: olafpkyou
became The Creation of A-dog.
Source: Reddit
3. It’s always the photogenic dog…
Source: brandonsh
…who yells out, “SELFIE!” #PleaseDontTagMeOnThisOne
Source: Reddit
4. This grumpelstiltskin disapproved of the selfie trend…
…especially when “they made him hold it there for hours.”
Source: Reddit
5. This fluffy ball of adorbs…
Source: tacothecat
…became a “dandedog“.
Source: Reddit
6. Dog pals innocently holding paws on a beach…
Source: blueawning
…became Hungry Hungry Huskies.
Source: Reddit
7. “You told me I could be anything…”
Source: insane0hflex
“…so I became a seal.”
Source: Reddit
8. These two women at a dog show…
Source: LawZwe
…joined this dog with luxurious locks on their own “The Real Housewives of Doge County”.
Source: Reddit
9. This underwater dog…
Source: Michldelarge
…became Nirvana dog. Tracks on this album include “Breed” and “Territorial Pissings”.
Source: Reddit
10. This cutie in a swing…
Source: Danirama
…came in like a wrecking paw.
11. And of course we can’t forget the time our very own Cricket Bean
Source: nateify
…became the star of a glorious Photoshop battle and broke the internet.
Source: debbers111
Cricket as Debbie Downer:
Source: Bro_Politics
And Cricket playing cricket:
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11 Dog Photoshop Pics That Make Us Go, “That’s Enough, Internet”

The internet can sometimes be terrifyingly weird, but there are some pretty cool things to find if you know where to look. Enter reddit’s Photoshop Battles subreddit, where users post photos and encourage others to use those photos in the most ridiculous montages. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ones starring dogs for your amusement.