Black Sheep Of This Dancing Dog Family Is About To Be Your Latest Obsession

Black Sheep Of This Dancing Dog Family Is About To Be Your Latest Obsession

We all know Dancing Nathan, the Chinese Crested dancer/choreographer extraordinaire. His work (aka dancing nekkid) has been seen on The Ellen Show, the Today Show, The View, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and on each and every corner of the Internet.

BarkPost has featured Dancing Nathan many times on the site, including an in-depth article on the pup’s amazing rescue story, and most recently, his latest movement piece from Grandma’s groovy accordion concert.

We could go on and on about Dancing Nathan, and plan to do so in the future, but this article is all about Dancing Nathan’s younger brother, Gilligan. Or as he’s more often referred, Hot Mess Gilligan.

what happenedsup?
Dancing Nathan’s Facebook page writes:

Gilligan, Nathan’s sidekick, was also adopted through Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue. He weighs about 6.5lbs and is loaded with some attitude.

Where do I even begin with Hot Mess Gilligan!? It’s like, if Dancing Nathan is the accomplished, well-groomed, attractive sibling who’s married with kids; Gilligan’s, well… Gilligan’s me. The hungover, bed-headed, single, where-did-that-stain-come-from, one-more-round, hot mess. And dear Dog do we love him for that!

Dancing Nathan is all:

dancing nathan xxo“Magic Dancing Nathan”Two years after Nathan found himself free from a treacherous life of fear and unacceptance, he and two unlikely strangers hit the local bar to put on their FIRST performance together. Though shy and a bit reserved, and with some patient coaxing (and xxo’s) from his female fans, Nathan proves he CAN overcome his anxieties. “dance nekkid!” Rated link: be blocked in some countries)#dancenekkid #dancingnathan #hosssdeli #hotmessgilligan #baldisbeautifuldogrescue #magicmike

Posted by Dancing Nathan on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meanwhile, Hot Mess Gilligan is just:

in case you were wondering . . .#hotmessgilligan #dancenekkid #baldisbeautifulrescue

Posted by Dancing Nathan on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here’s 17 more reasons we are all aboard the Hot Mess Gilligan Express!

1. “Oh man… where. is. my. phone.”

*remembering that embarassing thing you did 5 years ago*

2. “Bloody Mary. STAT.”

bloody mary: ugh do you have a hair tie:

3. “No, seriously, can someone turn off the sun!?”

can someone please turn of the GD sun : its too early for sunshine

4. Those headphones aren’t even plugged in, Gilligan.


Gilligan DJs like this, you guys:


5. “We love bald b*tches that’s our @#%&ing prawblem.”

groovy nudie gang

6. Rock out with your crotch-rolls out!

7. “My sweat has a higher alcohol content than Bud Bald Light. Only the hard stuff for me, and keep ’em coming, barkeep.”

hard stuff

8. Nathan: Nothing better than starting the day off with a hearty bowl-

starting the day off SHH

9. “This chill breeze has no chill.”
ow take it down a notch, breeze

10. “Where am I?”
wheres the coffee

11. “What’s happening?”
what do you mean i cant go out like this?

12. “Who did this to me?”
bite me

13. “A couple more glasses and I’ll show you some naked grapes…”
i'll show you naked grapes

14. “I got laid off, again. For laying my boss, again.”
i got laid off

15. “Freckles… no one cares about your @#%&ing dream last night, okay?!”
i dont care about your dream last night freckles

16. “Did we eat catnip last night???”
tgif : what time is it?

17. Here’s Nathan, litcherally trying to help Gilligan get his sh*t together.
clean up all thw shit around here

Don’t ever change, Gilligan!!! Real talk… Hot Mess Gilligan and Dancing Nathan are cool af. They support the important cause of not putting on pants and for that, I thank them. Follow the dynamically nekkid duo’s hilarious Facebook and Instagram account.

To learn more about the important cause that Gilligan and Nathan rep for, check out Bald Is Beautiful and meet some of the their hairless, full-of-funk friends!

K, bye. living in shadow

All media via Dancing Nathan