Finally, An Animated Short Film Weird Enough To Please Your Pretentious Dog

Welcome to Bark After Dark, a series of hilarious but slightly unusual articles we post in the wee hours of the morning for you weirdos night owls. Not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach, or low of humor. Enjoy!

You know when you see a Pixar movie and there is a whimsical short before the feature presentation that fills you with all of the feels? This video is exactly like that except it’s the art house version that makes you feel nothing but uncertainty and mild distress. Especially if you are a dog.

“Hound” is a student film by Australian animator Georgia Kriss that will make you cock your head quicker than a Pibble expecting a treat. I’m sure there is a point behind watching the skin melt off a Bassett Hound or a Dachshund playing fetch with 48 legs, but I have no idea what it is. One thing is for sure though– my dog knows. And he is deeply affected.

I have never seen him react so vehemently to any form of media. There was barking, pacing, and I am pretty sure he put his paw over his eyes. But don’t worry. I quickly put on the first five minutes of “Up,” and after crying together for a solid hour, everything is back to normal.