15 Dogs Who Will Stab You In The Back Faster Than Frank Underwood

15 Dogs Who Will Stab You In The Back Faster Than Frank Underwood

Broken promises. Manipulation. Lies. Sex. Murder. They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but Frank Underwood’s got nothing on these backstabbing pups. Apparently the road to the White House is dark, twisted and full of trees to pee on. In pawnor of Netlfix’s season 4 premiere of House of Cards, here are 15 pups who took a page from the book of Frank Underwoof.

Rule #1: Always have a scape goat.

Rule #2: Keep your enemies close, but your burner phone closer.

Rule #3: You’re not here to make friends. Trust no one. They’ll tear each other apart anyway.

Rule #4: Everyone knows that the trick to getting what you want is getting others to do the dirty work.

Rule #5: There, there. It’ll all be alright…until you leave. And I destroy everything that you love.


Rule #6: Loyalty has an expiration date. Just like treats.

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Rule #7: Ambition is chasing what you want. And never letting go. And running with it.

Rule #8: I do not tolerate whistle blowing. Ever.

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Rule #9: Sometimes you can only be pushed so far. And sometimes the best solution is carnage.

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Rule #10: Secrets are more valuable than gold. This guy in the sweater has wrought his own destruction.

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Rule #11: Guilt is a waste of energy. I got what I wanted.

Rule #12: Politics is not all about shaking hands and kissing babies…oh, wait…

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Rule #13: It’s only an affair if you get caught.

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Rule #14: The train should be here any minute…stay still…

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Rule #15: Always have an alibi.



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