15 Faces Too Cute To Be Mad At

15 Faces Too Cute To Be Mad At

Dogs can be mischievous, cheeky, hedonistic little scoundrels. And as much as we want to stay mad at them when they break the rules (or break that priceless antique…), it’s usually impossible to stay mad for too long. Why? Because of this:

quincy gif

That face. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU STAY MAD AT THAT FACE? Doggies know how to tap into our forgiving natures with just a look, be that look guilty, silly, happy, confused, proud… They pretty much all work to win us over.

So go on and check out these puppers who are making up for their poor decisions by flashing their beyond adorable furry mugs.

1. When u go rogue in the baño but u kno it’s cool cuz u tiny and cute


2. When u destroy all of ur belongings so u flash ur pearly whites & it’s like it never happened


3. When u eat da couch so u act all stoic & remorseful so dad won’t be mad


4. When u try 2 distract from the mess u’ve made by turnin on da charm.

5. When u kno ur hooman will be pissed cuz u went in da mud pit so u act all thoughtful & inquisitive & then everythings back 2 normal

6. When u shred 2 hard & then u give ’em the eyes (u kno the ones) & everythings fine again

7. When u a murderer of toyz but it’s ok cuz u precious

8. When u ruin everything good in ur life but its fine bc omg ur so cute

9. When u steal mom’s toothbrush but she ain’t even mad cuz u a hairy lil delight

10. When u nibble on da toilet paper roll and ur human is upset but then u stare hypnotizingly deep into their soul & they gotta be chill wit it

11. When u bout to cry cuz u know u effed up big time but then to ur surprise ur human ain’t even that mad tho

12. When u maim a toy but it’s a-ok cuz u a doggo wit a sweet face

13. When u literally steal from a baby but it’s chill cuz u cuter than dat baby

14. When u ravage the pillows but then u look so innocent & confused dat ur mom says not to worry bout it

15. When u r truly genuinely honestly sorry & u see da error in ur ways

16. When u just a baby so u can do wutever u want TBH and ur human just deals cuz WOWIE ur a cutie patootie

17. When u destroy da outdoor furniture set but u actually do rlly feel bad about it so mom says u off da hook

18. When u go and burrow in the dirt like a lil doofus but it’s chill cuz ur srsly an angel

19. When u think it’ll be fun 2 eat dad’s shaving cream but then u see he mad so u turn on da eyes & all is forgiven

20. When u make a hot mess but then ya cock ur head to da side like ‘who me? whoops!’ & no one is even mad anymore

21. When u not so accidentally read eat mom’s diary but u so stinkin’ cute she can only be upset for like 2 seconds

22. When u try to eat ur mom’s bra & she gets miffed so u put it on ur head & u look so alluring she ain’t even peeved anymore

23. When u wreck da house & ur human is huffy bout it but not for long cuz ur a darling lil floof

24. When u commit da ultimate sin against ur human but then u flash a guilty side eye and no one can even be mad tho