How to Wrap Your Surly Old English Sheepdog

How to Wrap Your Surly Old English Sheepdog

Looking for a last-minute gift? Don’t fret– Rude Dog’s mamz is here to the rescue to show you how to wrap the most unique gift of all. ; )

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

1. Wrapping paper. Multiple rolls.
2. Tape. Lots and lots of tape.
3. Whiskey. Trust me.
4. Dog.
5. Doritos Taco from Taco Bell. Again, trust me. (Or whatever your dog’s fav treat is. Rudie’s the trash dog for a reason you know.)

Step 2. Lay out the wrapping paper. Using the taco as a lure, place your dog in the center.



Step 3. Wrap the surly sheepdog’s body first. Now you understand why we needed multiple rolls of wrapping paper.



Step 4. Wrap the tail next. WARNING: Don’t move the taco, say the word taco or even acknowledge the presence of the taco or your dog will wag his tail relentlessly, thus wagging the wrapping paper off, causing a vicious cycle of re-wrapping.


Step 5. Each paw is next.


Step 6. Finally, the head. You are probably drunk by now and your surly sheepdog is probably losing his patience, so just go ahead and throw a sheet of wrapping paper on haphazardly with a couple pieces of tape.


Step 7. At this point you are running around the house frantically looking for a bow. But you didn’t buy any bows at the store so you are done. Good thing your dog has an impressive “stay”/is too confused to move.


Step 8. Don’t be a monster, give your dog the taco.


And happy pawlidays to all!