HUGE Announcement: MeowBox

HUGE Announcement: MeowBox

Ev-fur-ybody’s always asking us when we’re going to start doing MeowBox here at BarkBox. Welp, guys, this is our official answer. Cat’s don’t want MeowBoxes, they just want empty BarkBoxes!

Below is a video of Yowie, a cat with a canine sibling. Yowie’s canine sibling THINKS that the BarkBox is just for him, but his canine sibling is horrifically mistaken.
Yowie’s mom said, “Yowie is glad you finally sent his next BarkBox sled because his old one was starting to fall apart, but he prefers them a little bigger.” From all of the dog-ruvers at BarkBox, we gotta say… Yowie’s one of the cool cats. 😉


Featured image via Sassy Busch.