Let’s get one thing straight… we usually try to avoid uttering the c-word around here, but this story cannot go untold!
This beautiful specimen of Husky majesty…
…thinks she’s a cat! Observe this classic feline pose:
Tally’s owner, imgur user xlinnea, rescued her from living with cats adopted her when she was 2-years-old, and though she’s years removed from the feline influence of her first home, she still has some lingering issues with identity. Things started innocently enough…
But then, the cat-like behavior started to sneak in.
What started as a curiosity with boxes …
Developed into unabashed box peek-a-boo.
Soon, there was classic stair blocking…
Couch claiming…
And chip hogging!!! (Ok, maybe dogs do that, too.)
But the worst thing of all – the pièce de résistance – is the trademark windowsill sit. The staring, the silent judgment, the plotting for world domination.
But… she does seem awfully happy. D’awww. You do you, Tally. You do you.
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This Husky Raised By Cats Didn’t Know How To Dog

All photos via imgur user xlinnea

h/t to Kane Hsieh