Source: @allthingshusky
1. "How many times do I have to tell you I like the water LUKE warm?"
Source: @allthingshusky
2. “What do you mean they don’t DO valet pawking?”
Source: @allthingshusky
3. “I know you weren’t planning on enjoying that delicious steak dinner without me…”
4. “You can make me wear this Turkey costume. But I am NOT jazzed about it.”
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5. “Do I look like a circus monkey to you? Just give me my damn treat, hooman.”
6. When you’re waiting to go for a walk and your human keeps saying “five more minutes.”
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7. “So you’re saying you’d rather go to your job than stay at home and play? That’s cool. I’ll remember that.”
Source: @huskylovers
8. The scene is straight out of Orange Is The New Bark.
Source: @huskytyson
9. When you run into your ex with her new boo at the dog park.
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10. When your hooman starts texting in the middle of your belly scratch. RUDE.
Source: @husky_dingo
11. “How can you simply run out of beef treats? I will not accept this.”
12. When you’re at a party and someone tries to blame their fart on you.
13. When someone cuts you off in traffic and then you end up next to each other at a red light.
14. “Come on human. This polka dot pig isn’t going to throw itself.”
Source: @husky_yuka
15. When your dad eats the last bite of his burger. Right. In. Front. Of. Your. Face.
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15 Of The Sassiest Huskies We’ve Seen In 2015

Similarly to humans, the eyes of a dog say more than any words ever could. If there’s one breed that stands out in the eye category, it’s the Husky. Because their eyes are so captivating, it’s impawsible for them to hide how they’re feeling. In other words, when they’re not having it, you’ll know.