dog flap feat use
The underappreciated underside of The Flap.
Flaps on Flaps.
Ahhh what I would give to be that chicken.
A true Flap cannot be contained. Not by mortals nor mesh.
Side-flap on fleek.
Behold! The Flap has begun the melting process.
Two things everyone loves: bread and Flaps.
Baby got Flap.
A pair of Flaps experiencing the kind of bliss you feel when you gaze upon, you know, Flaps.
Flaps on balls.
And folds on balls.
Sometimes your Flaps are so delicious that you gotta eat 'em.
I could get lost in those folds. I bet other stuff could, too, like receipts and keys and my debit card.
This photo is 90% Flaps, 10% nothing else matters when there are Flaps.
Triple decker Flap action.
I'm told this is a dog, but I only see Flaps. And yet, and is enough.
This dog's Flaps have taken flight and it's only a matter of time before he does, too.
Put on some sunglasses because these Flaps are HOTHOTHOT.
I want to swim in this pool of Flaps.
And lastly, one photo just isn't enough to fully appreciate the many faces of The Flap, so here are four flappy AF Flaps.
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This Instagram Account Celebrates The Most Glorious Face Flaps That Ever Flapped

Dogs are majestic creatures. They constantly captivate us with their beauty and nobility. But perhaps the greatest illustration of their ethereal nature is those flabby, flopping, drooping, derpy, saggy, holy-roly-poly jowly face fold flaps they got flying around all the time.

dog flap copy 2 use

Finally, someone is doing something about these glorious face folds. The Instagram account @flapsofdestiny is dutifully dedicated to celebrating the most incredible displays of Flapdom (heretofore capitalized as a sign of respect). They also hilariously compare each of the dogs to walruses, seals, hippos, and even the occasional floppy sting-ray.

We took on the near-impossible task of selecting some of the best flap fotos, but honestly, they’re all pretty drool-worthy. Check out our picks, then head over to this kickass account. We feel it is your Maniflap Destiny.

Featured image via @flapsofdestiny/Instagram